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    The WP500D Series distills the benefits of the latest in LED technology into a high performance, high efficacy, long-life luminaire.The energy savings, long life and easy-to-install design of the Wallpack make it the smart choice for building mounted doorway and pathway illumination for nearly any facility.Replaces 175-400W MH or HID fixtures,either case,with energy-savings of up to 75%.

    WP500D Series LED Driverless Wallpack 

    · Model No.:WP503D-80W
    · Power:80W
    · Voltage:120-277V AC
    · Lumen Output:9400lms
    · Power Factor: >0.9
    · CCT:3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K
    · Certification:cETLus,DLC and IES File
    · DOB Solution
    · Visor for Full Cutoff Application Available

    · Die-casting Alu.housing W/good heat dissipation

    · New DOB Technology;

    · High Efficiency Lumen Output,>110 lms/W

    · Dimmable,0-10V Dimming

    · 100,000 Hours Lifespan

    · High Impact Heat Resistant Glass

    · Brown,Black and White Finishing Color

    · 10 years' warranty.

    · Replaces 175-400W MH or HID fixture,either case, with energy-savings of up to 75%.

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